Dr. Carrie E. DeJaco

You can email “me at carriedejaco.com”

     After a very brief hiatus from academia, I am now excited to be joining the faculty of Pfeiffer University in Misenheimer, NC, just a bit NE of Charlotte.  The Pfeiffer campus is about 400 acres, most of which remains undeveloped.  I look forward to getting students out of the classroom and exploring the natural habitats right there in their backyard. 

     One of my primary goals for the last 20 years has been to help people understand why it is important to learn about and protect the natural world around them.  I have received many comments from students over the years that they are now aware of the world around them in ways that they never were before, that they now pay attention to how much trash they produce, that they’ve become known as the recycling Nazi in their dorm.  I’ve received emails with pictures and comments from students about how my classes have caused them to notice the plants and animals in their environment, to appreciate the beauty of them and the roles they play in the environment.  I’ve had students send me links to webpages they saw that made them think of me.        

    On the Pfeiffer campus, there will be innumerable ways to expose students to the natural world, and teach them how to protect it.  We can design conservation management projects for the campus, have projects to remove invasive species, install rain gardens, create a more natural sub-canopy layer of vegetation throughout the landscaped parts of campus...  This is going to be a fantastic way to teach students not only about the natural world around them, but about what they can do to practice reconciliation, and how.

    My areas of expertise include ecology, botany, animal behavior, and environmental science.  I have taught classes in all of these areas, and many more.  I am on the board of two conservation organizations, one for a land trust and one focused on plant conservation. I have recently been working as an independent ecological consultant and have started a blog related to it; for more on that, go to ForTheBirdsAndTheBees.Com.